Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I will bet...

To the pathetic crazy few:

Yes I may dedicate a paragraph or two, if needed, to tell you how the vast majority feel about you. Take the criticism and move on. If you only come here to comment on DEAD subjects, it will only reiterate what I have already said about you.

One of today's topics will be topic will be shinyheaded posters. To define shinyhead, I mean those who have been members since 1836 and still have the same amount or less than the original amount of hair; pathetic growth or retention.

VWVixen, Sareca, DDtexlaxed, Sui Topi, half of the hairboard, etc.

A word to the semi-wise, buying products or growth concoctions from shinyheads is a stupid idea.

The next topic will be the desperation that many of you women ooze. Men in general do not want you. It is not a particular race. You are just undesirable. Stop chasing after men, it is quite pathetic. Trying to find hair scents that drive men wild will not help you. If they do not get close enough to smell you it will not make a difference. You may increase your chances by losing weight and dating online. Do not make me call names. You know I will

Monday, August 11, 2008


I had a very long weekend. Give me a minute to gather my thoughts about why the star of the show only wanted to talk to 2 people and did not want her picture taken. Really Beverly, there is no need to cover your face. Most of us have seen way more than just your face. Forget Kim K, I am sure OT would be abuzz if they had a chance to see your pics. We will see.

Also pouring out liquor for those that can't cover their tracks.

Via user request:

Dear Aloofone,

There has been a collection taken up by members of the collective hairboards to refund you the $6.50 AND to pay for psychotherapy. Aloof is not just a username. It describes your posting capability to a T. The utter stupidity that seems to escape your backpedaling mouth on the regular really cracks me up! :lachen: I will forgo the comedy, that is your posts, because I know you need help. That, and I'm tired of seeing your ugly ass face. Please do not call me a hater like that old ass Iris (is she collecting SSI benefits yet?). I do no hate anyone. I hate personalities, characteristics, faces, etc. But people do not fall under that category.


Nikos "Non-Hater" Dimopoulos

Friday, August 8, 2008


Iris, yes we hate your big ass forehead, the way you shove natural hair down everyone's throat, and talk trash about everyone else's choice in hair products. Yes we hate that every day you have at least one thread splattered across the board with a minimum of 2 pics of your big ass forehead and the horrendous pics in your siggy. And yes, we hate that every time someone 1-stars your thread or makes a comment that you don't like they are "your hater." YOURS as if you are the only person they log on to see. They probably hate other people. Just like I do. You are not THAT special. But you seem to be the only one that draws all negative attention and then displays it, talks about it, talks about it some more, create tags for it, and draws a picture of it for your refrigerator. You are the person people love to pick on. The big ass crybaby. The one who is old enough to know better. The one who talks shit about everyone else but howls the loudest when someone trash talks back. Members feign sympathy but TRUST me they laugh about your old pathetic ass REGULARLY. The idiotic videos, the product recommendations that everyone already knows about. Wow, really? Coconut oil? Jeez I could go on and on. Just sit your old ass down or go back to that barren yahoo group (yes pion its clickable) you created. No one will miss you. And since you think your hater is a stalker, you and her can have a ball over there together. I wouldn't be surprised if you find your mysterious stalker/1-star bandit/blogger is actually YOU! Until next time. TTFN!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


They (the moderators of Long Hair Care Forum) have started another round of banning. I'm still there. Pouring out liqour for those who aren't. That $6.50 has some mods "Stunnin." (So not in touch with the real world, bitch its Stunting, as in doing tricks, slut bag) Y'all better stop giving those ungrateful folks your money! That's money well spent on hair products, gas, food, or a bootleg education on the web. Or join a site that isn't ran by a bunch of hippogrits. On the list so far... MPJ (Miss Plain Jane), Mizanilocs (formerly Mizanimami and 2nd time entering a-banned-done-ment), Beautifulisaunderstatment (damn thats a long ass name, formerly banned but not sure who she is) and MissScarlett. You all probably remember MissS from the meet up scandal. She ditched some folks who set up a "coming to town" parade (Abenyo) in her honor to hang out with more down to earth folks (Sylver and Army). I mean MissS sort of apolo-lied. BUT they still haven't banned "Alexis." Oh you don't know who Alexis is? Its the person who HACKED into MissS's account and posted the PM's that exposed the whole thing. But really Alexis is Bev. Yes bitch we know. You're not fooling anyone. Until next time (or until I get banned)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

You Must Not Know....

Yes... Im another one of Niko's cousins.... I hate the pompous ass jerk. He is VERY condescending and takes his role as site MAINTENANCE man way too seriously... Fix the raggedy shit and MOVE ON! Stop trying to play moderator and daddy to the black women. You do not know "how we talk" so stop trying to understand. You are not black and just because you hang on a board seemingly full of black women who love white men, they dont represent all of us and you do NOT understand us. Not one iota! I dont like your short ass and you funky ass napoleon complex. And hat heffa Bev should fire you becasue the board still looks like SHIT! She needs to upgrade... But she just another comfused conflicted bish on LCFH